We offer financing thru multiple Lenders to provide you the best financing scenario. Our affiliated ‘In House’ Finance Department is licensed with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner and Texas Savings, Mortgage and Lending. Our onsite licensed Loan originator can assist you in navigating the Financing process and offer creative solutions for every credit situation.
In-House Financing
BAD CREDIT? Our IN-HOUSE FINANCING provides flexible options for customers who may have unique circumstances. Don’t let Bad Credit keep you from your dream of Home Ownership. Have a strong down payment, a trade in, land- lot or collateral? Give us a call today.

Your Financing Options

The most common form of financing a new manufactured home is with a conventional mortgage, where the home is financed as real property if bought with land together. There will be a deed with a conventional loan. These loans are offered at competitive rates. You have a variety of mortgage companies to choose. Land home packages can often qualify for this kind of financing.

Similar to a car loan, chattel mortgages are personal property loans. They are used when only the home is financed. An ownership title will be issued instead of a deed. If you are buying a home on leased property, a chattel mortgage may be the only financing available. This type of mortgage is common where the buyer does not own the land.

Know Your Credit Score

You may be able to improve your chances of getting more favorable financing. Review your credit report for errors- correcting them could improve your credit score. The better the score, the better loan interest rate.

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